Webserver: for whom is this howto?

1. First time webserver tweakers

2. Occasional webserver tweakers

3. Curious minds

Different goals

1. First-time webserver tweakers

If you've never set up a webserver before, you may want to be guided through the process. That's what we do in this howto.

2. Occasional webserver tweakers

Maybe you've set up a webserver long time ago and you need to do it again. Instead of wrecking your brain trying to remember how you did it, simply follow these instructions.

3. Curious minds

Or you might just be interested in running a webserver from your home for the sake of the experiment. Welcome!

This is a slow track tutorial for setting up a Linux webserver running Debian 5 (Lenny) in combination with the ISPConfig3 hosting control panel. If you want a different setup you might want to consult HowToForge. On their website you'll also find a forum about Linux issues.

Attention!Bear in mind that we are not associated with HowToForge in any way. It means that you cannot ask questions in their forum about this tutorial.

We have a contact form so you may send us a message. We apologize beforehand for rarely being able to reply due to tiny staff limitations.

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vi | shell
command action command action
su become superuser rm foo delete file foo
ls show files & directories rmdir foo delete directory foo
ls -a show invisible items too rm -rf foo delete dir foo + content
ls -l show long names chmod change permissions
ls -la show long and invisible chmod 755 foo set 755 for foo
cd change directories vi /etc/foo open file foo in vi
cd / go to root directory apt-get install get and install application
cd /etc go to etc via root tar -xzvf extract zip file
cd /tmp go to temp via root exit finish terminal session
/etc/init.d/restart apache2 restart the Apache server
/etc/init.d/status apache2 show if the Apache server is running
shutdown -h now shutdown the system immediately
shutdown -r shutdown and reboot the system
vi | shell
<= keyboard hits => action
  i   insert (start editing)
  arrows   move around
  backspace   delete to the left
  delete   delete to the right
  esc   stop editing
esc :w enter stop editing, save changes and keep vi open
esc :wq enter stop editing, save changes and exit vi
esc :q enter stop editing, exit vi without saving


vi & shell